Artwork & Collaborations

Untitled: Screenprint on paper & cardboard. 2015


Colonial Forms: Gouache on paper. 31 x 47.5 cms each, 2015


Untitled: Metal oxide and tea water on 100% tree free synthetic paper. 2015


Colour studies: Acrylic on bright white, 100% recyclable tree-free synthetic paper. 2014 - 2015


Untitled: Screenprints on paper. Various sizes. 2015


Interval Mag N°1: A travel zine printed in risograph, designed and directed by Sebastián Rodriguez and published by Daga Editions. This first edition "Twenty Six Days Interval by Cristian Ordóñez" published the travel experience to Chile in 2014 through text, film photographs and illustrations. 2015


Reunion Fig 01 (Right): Acrylic and Gouache on wood canvas. 24 x 24 inches. 2014
Reunion Fig 02 (Left): Pencil drawing on bright white, 100% recyclable tree-free synthetic paper. 2014


Try: Limited edition typographic publication exploring the concept of Trying, a curious process that is normally present in the practice and should be part of everyday’s life. Printed with Inkjet in bright white paper allowing transparency, and screenprinted news print paper, making these pages unique in each publication. Edition of 3. 2015


Mnisota: EP and Single. Photography and artwork for post rock band Mnisota. 2015