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Toronto, Canada 2014
Image Size: 26x32 cms / 10x12.5 in
Paper Size: 29x39 cms / 11x15 in
Digital print in Kodak matte paper

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Special Offer — Interval Mag

Every print comes with one free copy of Interval Mag N°1. Interval is a travel zine printed in Risograph, designed by Sebastián Rodriguez and published by Ediciones Daga. The first edition was a collaboration with Cristian Ordóñez travel experience to Chile in 2014.

Twenty Six Days Interval by Cristian Ordóñez

Published by Daga Editions
Introduction by Jorge Losse
Text Corrections by Rhianna Padamsey
Design and Direction by  Sebastián Rodriguez Besa
Cover Portrait by Camilo Huinca

150 copies
90 gr. bond paper
21,5 x 14 cms
20 pages
Printed in Risograph 2/2 by WÜN Handmade

Go to the places you want to go to and start a simple exercise: leave your mobile, then, allow your eyes to look, your ears to hear, your nose to smell and your touch to feel. Forget about your name and put your hands behind your back to expose your heart, breathe deeply, feel your lungs, connecting your insides with the outside. Walk a bit to loosen your legs, swim or climb up somewhere for a view. Talk to strangers and listen, stack stones, sketch for a while, be involved and don’t be an anonymous. In time, another will appear, another person inside yourself and, in that moment is when ideas will come form within, fresh ideas. I like the definition of Interval that says: “Space of time who have lost sanity now show trial.”
— Jorge Losse